Purify: 7-Day Spring Cleanse


This 7-Day group clean eating challenge begins on Sunday, April 12th and runs through Saturday, April 18th. Join Drew to give a little love to your liver and enter the warmer months feeling leaner, cleaner, and greener! Click here to learn more about Purify

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  1. Introductory video class to explain how the liver functions, what you’ll be doing during your 7-day cleanse and how you can get started immediately preparing yourself and your kitchen for our start date of April 12th
  2. Daily meal plans for the entire 7 days with tips on how to deviate from the plan so you can stick to the detox no matter what your schedule may be
  3. Delicious recipes to choose from with options so you can choose the intensity level that’s right for you
  4. Optional smoothie recipes and cleansing product recommendations for enhanced detoxification support
  5. Handouts to support class teachings and protocols
  6. Initial symptom questionnaire and goal setting
  7. Daily email support from Drew throughout your entire 7 days of cleansing!

All cleanse materials will be sent to you via email. Upon purchase, you’ll be directed to complete the initial symptom questionnaire and goal setting worksheet in preparation for the cleanse. You will receive an introductory email providing access to all cleansing materials on Saturday, April 4th so you’ll have time to prepare your kitchen for our start date of April 12th. If you have additional questions about this program, send us an email via our contact form