Hormones and The Well Nourished Body

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PMSIf you’ve worked with me at all, you know I hold you to a higher standard of health than “fine.” So many of us put up with seasonal colds, allergies, headaches, digestive issues, aches and pains, and PMS because these things are normal, so we don’t give them a second thought.

I want you to feel better than normal, I want you to feel GREAT! Having a well nourished body allows you to feel, look, and operate at your best – and this applies to your hormones too!

About 80% of women suffer from PMS due to hormone imbalances. Unfortunately, many of us put up with uncomfortable and irritating symptoms simply because we think it’s just a normal part of being a woman.

I’m here to hold you to a higher standard. When you have a well nourished body, it’s possible to:

  • Hardly notice your period until (surprise!) you see a spot of blood
  • Have regular periods, about every 28 days, with no spotting in-between or flooding during
  • Maintain a stable weight throughout your menstrual cycle
  • Experience eight hours of sleep each night
  • Feel content and energetic – you might even graduate from couple’s therapy!
  • Experience smooth menopause, with balanced levels of estrogen and progesterone

Don’t settle for bloating, cramps, irritability, cravings, weight gain, decreased sex drive, or any other symptoms that plague you on a monthly basis. Using nourishing foods and natural therapies you can restore balance to your hormones and be free to feel like your fabulous self all the time.

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