Energize: A Fall Cleanse

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  • Are you tired of feeling tired?
  • Are you overwhelmed and full of sighs?
  • Are you dependent on caffeine to get you through the day?
  • Do you wish for more restful sleep and more energy during the day?
  • Are you starting to feel the wintertime blues?

Group cleanse starts Sunday, November 2nd, 2014!

Join us in a 7-day cleanse to ENERGIZE your body and mind through nourishing foods and tuning in to your body’s natural rhythms.

  • soup XSmallEliminate the thoughts, habits, and foods that bring your mood and energy down
  • Embrace the fall season with soothing soups, warming tonics, and balanced meals
  • Experience restorative sleep and steady energy throughout the day
  • Elevate your mood and combat stress by fortifying your body’s natural resources
  • Engage with a community of health-minded individuals with the same goals as you!

The fall brings about colder weather, darker mornings, shorter days, and the desire to withdraw with a latte and a good book. Our good intentions to exercise and eat well are often sidelined by cold weather, the sun setting earlier, and the temptation to indulge in sweet and starchy treats. Energize aims to combat the lethargy and weight gain that often come during the fall; not by ignoring these natural desires, but by using seasonal foods and listening to our bodies in order to develop sustainable cold-weather habits.

Fall woman drinking coffeeWhat you’ll learn:

  • How to kick your caffeine habit
  • Best practices for optimal sleep hygiene
  • Tricks to implement when you feel tired during the day
  • The four most common mood imbalances and how to combat them naturally
  • Traditional recipes to support adrenal and brain health

Your 7-Day Energize Cleanse Includes:

  1. The Great Caffeine Detox protocol to help you slowly reduce your caffeine intake before the cleanse begins
  2. Introductory video class to explain how you can get started preparing yourself and your kitchen for your start date of November 2nd
  3. Daily meal plans for the entire 7 days with tips on how to deviate from the plan so you can stick to the cleanse no matter what your schedule may be
  4. Delicious recipes to choose from that the whole family will enjoy
  5. Teaching on essential practices to optimize mood, sleep, and energy
  6. Handouts to support class teachings and protocols
  7. An initial symptom questionnaire to assess your mood and adrenal health
  8. A resource guide with product recommendations to address your specific, energy-related complaints
  9. Email support from Drew throughout your entire 7 days of cleansing!

Mood and adrenal issues are not relegated to fall alone; many of us deal with fatigue, depression, anxiety, and insomnia on a daily basis. Energize aims to remove some of the food and habits that contribute to these conditions and give you easy practices to elevate your mood and support your adrenals. Signs of imbalanced adrenals or neurochemistry can include:

  • Fresh brussels sproutInsomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Stress
  • Apathy
  • Emotional Eating

Even if you feel steady and energized, Energize is the perfect program for you to learn tricks to combat stress in your life and recommit to healthy habits that will support and maintain a lifetime of good health.

Energize Group Cleanse Dates: November 2nd – November 8th
Price: $137
Your Cleanse Includes:

  • Introductory information packet that will be emailed to you prior to your start date
  • Video class
  • Daily meal plans for each day of the cleanse
  • Recipe packet
  • Handouts and tips to support class teachings and protocols
  • Initial symptom questionnaire and goal setting
  • Daily email support from Drew throughout the 7 days of cleansing
  • A resource guide with recommended products to address your specific complaints


You CAN do this!

  • You’ll rebuild your body’s natural reserves and have more energy to get things done during the day
  • You’ll have the support and structure you need to stick to it
  • You’ll be able to download all the materials to do the cleanse on your own time, if necessary

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