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Whether you want to transition to a healthier lifestyle or take a deeper look into your personal health and learn to implement specific diet or nutritional therapies, Drew Parisi Nutrition is the perfect partnership to ask questions, receive expert advice, and learn delicious ways to renew your health, one bite at a time.

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Restore: Summer Digestive Wellness Tune-Up

  Do you want freedom from those uncomfortable GI complaints? Are you ready to say goodbye to your bloated belly? Do you want to learn how to best absorb nutrients from the food you eat? Are you ready to upgrade your diet and pursue optimal health? Group "tune-up" starts August 3rd, 2014! Join us in a 7-day seasonal eating … Learn More

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7 Signs of Good Digestion

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "you are what you eat," but I'd like to take the sentiment one step further to claim you are what you absorb. Digestion is the complex process by which your body reduces the food you eat into individual nutrients in order to build tissue, supply energy, and destroy pathogens (among other things). Your ability to … Read More

June Loving This

Loving This {June}

June has been the "month of fun" for this post-graduation couple and has consisted of many afternoons at the pool and meals with friends. All this sun and eating has definitely influenced my list this month, so read on for my summer favorites. What's working in June: Life Factory Water Bottles: It's been hot here and I've been trying my best to … Read More