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harira traditional maghreb recipe

Balance: A New Year’s Detox

Members login here. 14 Days to a Restored You! Group detox begins Sunday, January 4th Are you ready to commit to caring for yourself? Do you want to begin the New Year feeling energized and empowered? Are you eager to get back on track after a few holiday indulgences? Join Drew to nourish your body and: Shed the extra body fat … Learn More

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Eggs in crate

A Guide to Selecting Eggs

Free range, cage-free, vegetarian-fed… egg cartons are plastered with a limitless supply of equally-positive sounding labels. They all sound good, and eggs are just eggs, right? So you grab the cheapest carton and head to the checkout. As of January 1st, California has rolled out a new law requiring eggs to come from chickens that have enough … Read More

Italian Turkey and Spinach stuffed Acorn Squash

Italian Turkey & Spinach Stuffed Acorn Squash

We're smack in the middle of this year's Balance Detox and because it's the third year I've hosted it (and the third year I've participated in it), I've been inspired to experiment with some of my favorite recipes from the program to keep things exciting. My stuffed acorn squash recipe is always a crowd-pleaser so I thought I'd try another … Read More